Saturday, May 28

Dont Worry......Im still alive!!!!

It's been about 3 months since my last post or actually since I picked up a model. Believe it or not, thats a lot of time. I missed so much. So I log onto today and I see that they're not making metal models anymore and using"fincast" now?????? When the hell did this happen?????? And when did the "heroes of armageddon" start???? Anyway, I gues now I should really stick w/ the hobby and stay up to date with this stuff. Gamesday is what......2 months away and I still havent finished my first tac squad of my new army (photos and details of this project up soon). So hopefull this week I'll be able to get some stuff done. :)

Saturday, February 26


During my game the other day, I looked over to the next table and watched a 7,000pt. game of apocalypse btwn. orks and space wolves, and necrons and tyranids (weird combo?). Anyway, this made me want to go back to my orks......again. Besides the blood angels are taking a little too long to paint for me, while the my orks only pretty much take just 3 shades to paint, green for the skin, blue for deff skullz clothing parts and brown for the leather chapps and bags. Ok, maybe 4 if you count the silver for the weapons. So my if you'd like to take a look at what I have for my army, take a look at my battle report vid on my youtube page, or you could read my list later this week or so.

Thursday, February 24

PREVIEW: Battle Report: 1500pts. BA vs Chaos?

It's been so long since I touched a mini. I've been very busy with winter workouts for the football team, practices with my band ( I play drums btw) and school. So anyway my uncle called me up before and asked if I would come with him to play a young neophyte, who he's been training over the past couple of months. It's 1500pts. and I will, of course using Blood Angels. Him however, will be using Chaos marine or just marines, so i know to pack a lot of melta and plasma weapons with me. Batrep will be up soon.

Wednesday, January 19

Our wishes are finally fulfilled..........

After many months of using our imagination to convert stormraven gunships, there finally uis no need for that because GW will be releasing a plastic version on February 5th. It might just be the paintjob, but this thing looks HOT. However, to me, it looks a little too bulky and short. I was hoping for more of a jet-like figure. But on the plus side, it looks great and I will be getting one of these soon.

Games workshop will also be releaseing a plastic furioso kit and a BA battle force.

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

Hey, its been 4 months since my last post and even since I picked up some dice or a brush, but its Christmas vacation. I finally have a week off from all the hard work in high school, plus I play drums in a garage band and I'm on the football team at school. See what I mean by hard work. So anyway, for the week, I'm gonna try to work on 2 projects a Baal Pred and Commander Dante. A week isn't really a lot of time to finish a tac squad. 2 assault squads, two baal preds, a razorback, Dante, a chaplain and a priest. So, Im just doing this. One problem, however is that when the week ends, I'll be done for another couple of weeks again. :( So I'm just gonna savor the week and get as much done.


Oh....I almost forgot that CHRISTMAS is tomorrow, so................

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